Wayne Fox Workshop 22/6/11


A signed card is shuffled into the deck, the magician rubs his clearly empty hand on the table and from between his fingers the signed card literally materialises.

A spectator is free to examine the deck and shuffle it freely, after choosing a card and shuffling it back into the deck it is ribbon spread face down on the table. The magician gently strokes his hand across the deck and pushes one card forward.  It is the spectator’s card.

Wayne Fox

Wayne Fox AIMC

These are just two of the astonishing effects that you will be performing after Wayne, who is making a welcome return to Ilford Magical Society, teaches you his Flick Drift move.

In his workshop, Wayne will walk you through, in intricate detail, just how to execute the move and apply it in a variety of his closely guarded routines so that you can add it to your own card magic.

Wayne asks if you can come with a pack of cards as this is a real “hands on” teach in session.

Should be a great night!