Ilford Magical Society: A Teach-in with a difference, 20/7/11

‘A Teach in with a difference’ was certainly what it was when three of our members, Tony Steward, Kevin Bird and Paul Clancy took it in turns to step up to the front and explain tricks they had been doing professionally for some time.

We had a very full explanation of ‘Card on Ceiling’ including the dos and the don’ts and the whys and why nots. A question and answer session rounded up this section so now there is  no excuse – get out there and do it!

The next session was all about misdirection. Again, the why, how and when was fully explained and illustrated with a card under glass routine. As is the trend with anything to do with magic, there was a ‘bonus section’ with thoughts on how to get out of those sticky situations when things don’t quite go as expected.

Lastly but by no means least: a long awaited explanation of the classic of magic the ‘Selbit Blocks’. The background and history of the effect, a full run through and explanation of the routine and the opportunity for members to get their hands on the props made this a very interesting session.

Thank you Tony, Kevin and Paul: another great evening in the club room.