Ilford Magical Society: Over 50s under 50s challenge 9/11/11

The evening started with last year’s winners, the over 50s, returning their trophies. Would they be able to fend off the challenge from the under 50s and take the trohpies home again to put into their cabinets?

The over 50’s were quickly back into their winning ways as captain Brian Fisher dealt the first blow by winning the toss and then went on to stun the gathered crowd with the opening effect that drew upon the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Ian Smith then reposted with an excellent card effect but Brian Phillips, making a rare appearance, effortlessly parried the under 50s thrust with one of his novel effects. And so, the evening continued with the advantage passing from one team and then to the other in this close fought competition. When the judges added their scores it was left to Paul Clancy to announce the winners…

The over 50s had done it again!

A great night full of magic, mahem and most of all – fun. Thanks to all who took part and a big thank you to Roger Collis who organised the evening.