Ilford Magical Society: An Evening with Brian Miller 23/11/11

We were honoured to welcome back one of our Past Presidents, Brian Miller (1973 to 1981), to tell us about his lifetime of Magic.
As you stepped into the club-room you just knew you were in for a treat as all the walls and two large display boards were covered with posters showing some of the diverse venues and artists of yesteryear that Brian and Audrey have worked at and with over the years: the list of names were truly awe inspiring.
During his membership with IlfordĀ  he was the winner of The Wilson Hall Trophy for stage magic no fewer than 5 times, (in 1963, 65, 67, 69 and 71) and since the rules state that you can not enter the year after you have won the competition, he wasn’t able to win it in the alternate years!
Brian is now making history being the first Magician to be president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians on two occasions: the first time in 1983 and now in 2011.
Throughout the evening, Brian took us with him on his magical journey from his earliest recollections around the age of six to the present day. It was truly a fascinating evening. Brian has achieved much in the world of magic and he gave us an insight into what did and still does motivate him. Added to that, the evening brought back some nostalgic memories to many club members and we were all mesmerised by the tales he had to tell.