Ilford Magical Society: WAM entertains, 28/3/12

A fantastic evening as the magicians from Watford entertained us. Compere Tim Shoesmith kept the evening flowing as magician after magician performed their own brand of magic in a thoroughly entertaining way. Julie Carpenter was first to take the stage and, amongst other effects, tricked Bryan into signing a no expense spared meal ticket. Lee Bell was next to perform a classic version of the cups and balls. Hardman of Magic, Martin Cox, then took over with his mixture of magic and mirth before Andy Clockwise orchestrated a game of magical musical chairs.

The second half of the evening saw Nick Graham entertain us with a comedy story effect and Mark Chudley impressed with some effects involving cards and numbers. The evening was brought to a close by Ian Manley who performed a variety of effects, not least of which involved an invisible pack of cards and an envelope. Full details can be found in TIMS.

A great evening: thank you WAM