Ilford Magical Society: Christmas Gathering

Bryan Porter took charge of the evening and acted as quizmaster. The participants were split into four teams of four people for a very lively and enjoyable quiz night.

Kevin Bird’s team proved the eventual winners, although the margin of victory was quite small over second placed Tommy Moss’ team. Bryan Porter had very thoughtfully supplied a prize for the victors in the form of a large tin of “Quality Street”; a prize which was very generously shared with the rest of the room. Half Time refreshments were supplied by me in the shape of Sausage rolls and various other nibbles. The congregation requested that a vote of thanks be recorded for this repast, so I therefore bow to the room and dutifully record with gratitude the above mentioned ‘Thanks’. Very, Very grateful thanks must also be recorded for Bryan Porter’s excellent work in organizing and conducting the quiz night – a few hours of research must have gone into the production of the brain taxing questions.

Thanks Bryan – Have you ever thought of being a school master; you would be very good at it!!!